Mixxed Auto Design's 2015 SEMA Build

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Mixxed Auto Design’s 2015 SEMA Build


My name is Adam Hatch, CEO of Mixxed Auto Design. We are an automotive restyling company located in Southern California and Phoenix, Arizona. I am the owner and builder of the MAD_STI, Premium 2015 Subaru STI.

Over the course of the next few months we will be including detailed information on what is involved in building our SEMA vehicle, obtaining business partners for our build, reviewing sponsored products, planning for our SEMA build, installation of parts, showcasing the build, traveling to SEMA, and the SEMA experience.

We will be providing as much detail as possible in our written and video blog so the consumers, fans, family, and friends feel like they are involved in our build. We want to show the outside world the good, the bad, and all the stress that builders like us go through to hit target dates for SEMA. If anyone has any questions outside of the scope of information we will be sharing, please feel more than welcome to contact us via email at sales@mixxedautodesign.com

SEMA Vehicle:

2015 Subaru STI

Current Sponsors:

  • Mixxed Auto Design
  • NRG Innovations
  • Cobb Tuning
  • Mishimoto
  • Avery Dennison
  • Continental Tire
  • Nitrous Express
  • VM Audio
  • AEM Intakes
  • DeatschWerks
  • RallyArmor
  • Action Clutch
  • R1 Concepts
  • Tred Wear
  • Goodspeed Performance
  • Carbon Creations
  • Duraflex

As we take on new sponsors, we will be adding them into the Blog with pictures, etc.


2014 SEMA Recap:

Lets back track a little to my 1st experience with SEMA last year. Last year was an eye opening experience for us with the release of our 2015 STI. We purchased the vehicle in May of 2014. Shortly after acquiring our STI from Puente Hills Subaru, we were presented with an opportunity from Extreme Dimensions to prototype a body kit for our 2015 STI. We agreed and our journey to SEMA began.Little did we know our deadline to complete this build was one that we did not think would be possible.

We received our STI and body kit back from Duraflex and Carbon Creations back the 2nd/3rd week of October. Our kit went straight to get the body work started and completed so we could wrap it for SEMA. A long story short, from the time we received our STI back from having the body work completed to the time we needed to load it on the trailer to depart to load in for SEMA, we had 5 total days to wrap the car and install a list of aftermarket parts. We completed the build at 3AM the night before departure.

Given the lack of time we had available to complete this build in 2014, we are making sure that we have months of time available to properly build this showcase of our work, but our sponsor’s products as well. We are excited to get started and look forward to sharing our journey and first person experience with our fans, friends, and family.

Here is a picture of the finalized build for the 2015 Show Season. The next time anyone sees the MAD_STI, it will be 80% different. 


SEMA BUILD WEEK 1 - 8/3/15

During the beginning stages of planning out your SEMA build, you need to not only have a plan in place, but you also need to have a company willing to take you in as a featured vehicle and if you luck out, a booth vehicle. 

We are good friends with the guys over at NRG Innovations and we have accepted a featured spot with them at SEMA this year. Thank you guys for the opportunity!

Once you have a secured SEMA spot you then need to plan out your build. With us specifically we have a budget that we are not willing to exceed and a vision on what the vehicle will look like when we start installing parts, changing the color, etc. 

My best advise is to start small and work your way large. Make sure to put together a valuable business plan to propose to targeted sponsors to gain interest in your build. Without sponsors you will need to have deep pockets to fund your own project. Keep in mind that sponsors want to show case their products on vehicles so you need to have a unique build, or a good plan on helping them market the products they are providing in your build. Do not loose hope if you do not hear back from someone. Being a business owner we are overwhelmed with 100's of emails weekly requesting sponsorship opportunities. We all would love to say yes to everyone, but we simply just can not afford it. We will consider sponsoring vehicles who have a great written proposal, show record, and include references to current sponsors that we can contact to have them provide information on our prospects. If you just send a company an email that says "sponsor me because I attend meets and will bring you a crap load of business" do not expect to receive a reply. Think of sponsorships like sending a resume to a job you are interested in.

Once you send out your proposal to companies you want to support your build you should see some support come your way with your build. We have secured some great new sponsorships for our SEMA build and cant wait to share what products you will see with our new build in the coming weeks. Some products we will not be able to share with you because they are prototypes and or have been disclosed as confidential until weeks leading up to SEMA. 

Week 1 Recap:

  • Exploring potential sponsors, business opportunities, and partnerships.
  • Arrival of new products from new and current sponsors
  • Planning and designing our new build
  • Preparing timeline for our Subiefest 2015 release and updated timeline and design for the SEMA build and release


Week 2 “The Curve Ball” :

Moving into week 2 we should be feeling that we have more than enough time to complete our build and design before SEMA in November. However, there are always curve balls and new challenges one faces with any builds. We were faced with this new challenge inspired by our sponsors. Having sponsors includes obligations to insure their products are viewed by there target audience and obviously Subiefest is the best way to display their products to the largest Subaru enthuses show in the country. We will not include a few of our major upgrades unfortunately.

Our fans did not have the opportunity to see the MAD_STI at Subiefest 2014 because of SEMA 2014. We are excited to show our fans some of the new additions to our build and compete against most of the top subaru builds in the country.

The focus of going into week 2 is the following:

  • Redesigning our trunk and installing our Audio system from VM Audio. This will include full upgraded interior speakers, amps, 2 10” Subwoofers, and a capacitor.
  • Planning and preparing for our interior design

We would like to thank VM Audio, Nitrous Express, and Mishimoto for the latest care packages and support with our build.

Items Received:

  • VM Audio – Eline series 10” Subwoofers, Eline Amplifiers, Eline Interior Speakers, and Capacitor
  • Nitrous Express – 10 Pound Dry Intercooler kit
  • Mishimoto – Front Mount Oil Cooler and Turbo Inlet kit

Now the fun begins! 

Week 2 Recap:

  • We removed our current suspension set up to go to a different direction for our SEMA configuration and 2016 Show / Track season
  • Removed current wheels and tires from our 2014 / 2015 build
  • Obtained a few new sponsors for the build


Week 3:

The majority of weeks 1 and 2 have been planning, designing, and obtaining sponsors for our SEMA build.

We would like to welcome the following new sponsors to our SEMA build:

  • VMR Wheels: We have accepted a sponsorship to represent their VMR 803 Series wheels for the reminder of the 2015 show season, SEMA, and the 2016 show season. We are going with 19” X 9.5 with a +E28 Offset.
  • ISC Suspension: We have accepted a new partnership with ISC for their N1 Coilover and Lower Control Arm kit.
  • Rally Armor: We have been provide an opportunity to display 2 different products for Rally Armor. 1 set with a custom design for our Subiefest release and a special design for our SEMA release.
  • NRG Innovations: They not only provided us with the opportunity to be a featured vehicle for them at SEMA, but provided us with amazing care packages for our SEMA build from interior products to exterior products. Stay tuned for pictures of the items being installed.

Thank you guys for your support and generosity with our build. We can not wait to show everyone the final produced project.

Week 3 we are focusing on our trunk and audio installation and build. We have already designed a blueprint and mapped out the layout of the design of the trunk. We will be building the trunk and fabricating this on our own so we can properly document this and provide detailed photos / information / and videos.

Aside from the trunk becoming a finalized piece to our build, we will continue to wrap up a few of the missing pieces to our build from our remaining sponsors.

If we hit our target date of finalizing the trunk before then end of week 3 we will move onto the beginning stages of our full interior removal including headliner, seats (Front and Rear), dash, steering wheel, and all of the door panels. We already have the material we are using for our interior upgrade and the design written down.

Continue to check in for updates, pictures, videos, and additional information documenting our SEMA build.

Week 3 Recap:

  • 80% complete with our new trunk design. Pictures below.
  • We started the process of our suede interior design.
  • Finalized an audio upgrade from VMAudio 
  • Installed rear harnesses provided by NRG Innovations
  • Secured a sponsorship with RJ Powdercoating

Pictures of the Trunk build:

Completely gutted out the trunk.

Built bracing for our VM Audio Amps.

Traced out the stock trunk mat to create our raised top to support all the hardware.

We cut the mold into multiple pieces for accessibility for wires, and to remove individual pieces for service and upgrades.

We created a wood square frame and used tape to create the bottom part of our sub box mold for a sealed box. The tape will allow us to lay down fiberglass and pull the mold out of the trunk once everything has dried.

Once the fiberglass dries and we remove the mold, this is what it looks like before cleaning it up, and sealing all edges for an air tight enclosed box.

Once cleaned up, we already cut the holes for the sub woofers, mounted the top of the box, and added the grey suede to the top of the box.

Here is a picture with all of the pieces upholstered, the Nitrous Express tank staged, and all of the supports installed.


Week 4:

We accomplished alot last week. The biggest accomplishment was finishing the majority of our trunk design to accommodate our 2 X 10" VM Audio sub woofers, amps, our Nitrous Express bottle, suede throughout the trunk, and wiring the equipment. 

We started on the the suede interior upgrade and are now the only 2015 Subaru STI to have harnesses in the front and rear seats thanks to NRG Innovations. 

Week 4 will consist of us completing the trunk, running the Nitrous Express hoses, and finishing the suede on the interior. We have included a teaser picture below of what a few of the interior pieces will look like.

We will be receiving the following parts to be installed before the end of the week as well. If all goes well with the trunk and interior, we will work on installing the received items.

  • ISC Coilovers
  • ISC Adjustable Lower Control Arms
  • NRG Innovations Harnesses
  • NRG Innovations Short Hub and steering Wheel
  • Rally Armor Mud Flaps
  • Mishimoto Coolant Overflow Expansion  (prototype test fit)
  • Mishimoto Turbo Inlet
  • Mishimoto Oil Cooler