Why Vinyl? 

Vinyl wrapping films were created to enhance the style of your vehicle while protecting your OEM Color. If you decide you want your OEM color back, you have the piece of mind that the vinyl used by Mixxed Auto Design will come off just as easy as it went on and will not damage your OEM paint.


How Long Will My Vinyl Last? 

Avery Supreme Wrap and 3M 1080 Series vinyl is rated to last 5 years. Variables come into play when people ask this question because it all boils down to how the owner maintains his or her wrap. Vinyl is like paint, the better your take care of it, the longer it will last.


Will Vinyl Hurt My Paint? 

Vinyl Wrapping has come a long way in history as technology increases. Years ago, you needed to use adhesive promoter to insure a long lasting stick to your vehicle. We no longer need to use this adhesive. We use the adhesive that is on the vinyl already from 3M or Avery and DONOT use anything else.


Why Vinyl Wrap vs Paint? 

This is a question we get asked often. Why would I wrap my car when I can paint it? To answer this question, paint that is non-OEM will diminish the resale value of your vehicle. For a quality paint job it will cost you 3X the cost of Vinyl. Vinyl can be removed without damaging your paint while adding a layer of film to protect your paint against rock chips and objects from daily driving.


Are there other Vinyl Manufactures? 

Yes, there are other vinyl manufactures that offer a wider range of color choices, however the quality of the vinyl does not compare to the quality of Avery Supreme Wrap Film and 3M 1080 Series Vinyl. You get what you pay for. Would you rather save money today just to re-invest 1-2 years later?